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Project Description

Budget-controlled purchases of work clothes

Tubus System's expertise is pipe lining with associated knowledge and services. They have long been a well-established player in Sweden and are now expanding strongly in Europe. In connection with a new communication platform, they wanted to ensure that all their staff visually strengthen their image through the work clothes they wear. ConEra's assignment was to design and manufacture garments which, together with work clothes from established brands, were ordered through our web shop. In addition to this, a decisive factor was that we got the assignment that we also have a functionality in our shop to handle individual budget per person.

Tubus +170 employees are managed in our web shop with their own profiles. The customer sees which sizes or person uses and which clothes they can order depending on the category they belong to, such as "fitter", "service technician" or "sales". Each profile shows what they spent during the budget period in relation to the specified budget. In this way, ConEra's web shop helps to follow budget and create understanding of their needs over time. In the same platform that garments are administered, there are also traditional product media. Overall, ConEra's web shop helps to ensure that their brand is properly exposed from - both on clothes and products.

The result is better on budget as well as higher visual impact, both in their existing markets but also from day one when they establish themselves in a new market.