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Project Description

The vision of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise states: “Enterprising people and competitive businesses in the community play a crucial role in leading Sweden to prosperity.” The organisation represents 60,000 small and medium-sized companies and deals with a wide range of issues concerning members’ needs. ConEra continuously puts forward proposals for products to support various projects and events. The first step of the process always involves presentation of a range of proposals followed by an evaluation phase and the preparation of samples before a final decision is taken on a product. Examples of products include basic user-friendly items that support the purpose of the activity, as well as gifts for speakers and lecturers. The organisation also includes a number of departments dealing, for example, with economic issues, their in-house magazine “Entreprenör”, insurance information and the Swedish Industrial Workers’ Union – all of which have similar needs. There is always strong demand for ConEra to come up with suitable product proposals while providing expertise during the evaluation phase and ensuring a high and consistent quality of service and product. ConEra’s ISO certification provides quality assurance at every stage.