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ConEra was launched in 1983 as a conventional promotional products company in Gothenburg. Today, more than 30 years later, we have one of the largest teams in the industry with broad expertise, global contacts and offices and exhibitions in Stockholm, Karlstad and Gothenburg. Since 2004, we have had our own purchasing office in Hong Kong. With a name that means “with the times” in Latin, stagnation has never been an option for us at ConEra. Fortunately for us, we’ve succeeded in bringing together a group of people who have a passion for finding creative and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. More and more companies are realising the importance of thinking through every detail of what they do in the name of the brand. Which is good news for us as we have long argued that promotional products are an integral part of any well thought-out marketing plan. The purpose of the product has always been the focus for us, and “product media” is a term used to describe this approach to promotional items and clothing. Our collective experience has made us skilful strategists with extensive knowledge of both services and products, but we also have the capacity to handle quick orders when necessary. If you’re thinking about doing business with us, you may also be interested to know that: ConEra is the only Swedish company to be a partner of IGC Global Promotions. Our owners are in this for the long term and totally committed to the business. ConEra has been a triple A-rated company since 2011.


Our working method


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 A creative, experienced project manager will help you with both the conceptual process and detailed planning. At the start of a new project, we will discuss with you the objective you wish to achieve as well as the timescale and financial resources available. We will also determine the shapes, colours and materials we think are appropriate for your brand. Finally, we will put forward proposals for suitable promotional products. It is at this stage that ConEra’s expertise in creating real business benefits for you will become evident.


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A well-designed promotional product will create precisely the impact you want to make. ConEra’s designers make products that communicate your brand’s core values while doing the job intended: creating added value for both you and your customers.


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We find the right manufacturer for each particular assignment. Whether production takes place in Asia, Europe or Sweden, we make sure you have good overview and control throughout the process. This is greatly simplified by our membership of Global Promotions and having our own office in Hong Kong.


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Your finished products can be warehoused and distributed by us. With your own customised webshop, it couldn’t be easier to manage and monitor your company’s purchases.


They say that you are never more than seven handshakes away from any other person on Earth. With ConEra, the population of the world gets even closer. A handshake to us means establishing connections simultaneously with 56 other companies from 49 different countries on five continents. How does it all work? Well, for a start, ConEra is the only Swedish company to be a partner of Global Promotions, a network that allows us – and, of course, our customers – to take advantage of all the benefits of being a major global player. We share both knowledge and ideas with our partner companies around the world. And since we have a combined annual purchasing volume of more than USD 500 million, we can set high demands for our suppliers in terms of price, quality and manufacturing conditions. Learn more about Global Promotions – www.igcpromotions.com Watch video presentation


Many of our customers commission us to design a customised webshop through which they can order their own products. This is a solution with at least three important advantages: 1. It saves on resources: instead of each office or department devoting time to an order, everything is managed centrally. For a large organisation, having your own webshop can result in significant savings. 2. Control: when all purchasing goes through the same central location, you have full control of what is produced and distributed under your company name. 3. Using your own webshop to follow up purchases makes it easy to plan and monitor your investments. All it takes is the touch of a button to produce an analysis of a product’s popularity.

A solution to this is pinksizeforlife Want to know more about how your company can streamline its work with promotional products?  Please contact one of our offices.


CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is the idea that companies should take responsibility for their impact on society. This is reflected in current legislation as well as the questions and demands imposed by consumers. Since ConEra was launched in the early 1980s, awareness and commitment to sustainability issues have increased considerably while competing in the global market has, without a doubt, become much tougher. Hence the need for companies to come together and take a stand against inhumane and environmentally-damaging production methods. Our partnership in Global Promotions means that we are doing just that. Thanks to the fact that working in unison gives us extra clout, we can also impose tough demands on our suppliers. Go to the Global Promotions website to learn more about how we are raising standards within the promotional products industry


Environmental commitment

We at ConEra have adopted the following environmental goals, which comply with the requirements according to SBTi.

  • Net zero greenhouse gas emissions in scope 1 & 2 until the year 2030
  • Reduction by 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in scope 3 until 2030, compared to the year 2024
  • The entire operation must have net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050
  • All emission sources in scope 3 must be mapped and calculated, completed in 2024

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