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At ConEra, we believe that a branded promotional product is a tangible and vital part of a unified communications strategy. Get it right and you have an unbeatable reminder of your brand’s excellence. Get it wrong and the whole thing ends up in the waste paper basket. We can design, produce and distribute your promotional giveaways, clothing and products. But before we’ve even reached that stage, we’ll immerse ourselves in your brand and analyse your goals, requirements and, last but not least, the group being targeted. To save you wasting a single penny on a product that fails to make the right impact.


We give shape to your vision

When you contact us, you may know exactly what you want to order. Or you may have a vision of what you want to achieve – what values you want to convey to your customers and what you want them to know. We can help you, no matter what stage of the process you’ve reached. Please check out our case studies to see how we’ve helped others. At ConEra Creative, we collect material that we ourselves are inspired by.


Making the right impact is about designing products that are fit for purpose as well as taking people and the environment into consideration at every stage. This is an approach that can be difficult for a single player in a competitive market to follow. ConEra is the only Swedish company to be a partner of Global Promotions – a global network with its own approved supplier qualification system. This gives us greater negotiating clout and means we can make strong demands of our suppliers throughout the production chain. Every year we pay the statutory packaging and newspaper collection charges applicable to us as an importer and distributor, commensurate with the amount of packaging we release on to the market. We aim to play our part in ensuring the recycling system functions effectively. The same applies to electronic goods which we recycle through El-Kretsen, the Swedish business sector’s recycling service company. We also have ISO certification in environmental management (ISO 14001) and quality management (ISO 9001). All of the above is so that we can live up to our reputation and image.

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